Clark Electronics utilise Mitsubishi Modular PLC systems to provide Automation and Control Solutions to Industry, although by no means tied to one manufacturer we can offer flexibility in both Design and Re-Work situations.

We have worked on many touch screen applications and control systems across industry to automate processes and machinery.



Example 1

Approached by a local Company looking to automate an Animal feeding process, our engineers designed a system which could be simply programmed using a touch screen display to feed the animals randomly within pre-programmed times. The system was built using the real time clock on a Mitsubishi FX2N Modular PLC and a 10" full colour touch screen. The system allowed the operator to simply set up feeding start and finish times, the frequency of feeds during this time and a software algorithm then generated random feed times within these windows making feeding more interesting and lifelike for the animals, the system was designed , built and installed well within budget and on time.

Example 2

A food producer in Lanark had a problem with an obsolete HMI, the keypad was worn out and the best price a second user unit could be sourced was £1,500.00 this was not a viable option as the unit would still be old and reliability could not be guaranteed. Our solution was to migrate the software from the old HMI dated around 1990 to a new colour touch screen, this not only provided reliability and serviceability but also increased functionality and reduced setup times for the machine. The final cost for the project was kept under £2,000.00 and delivered ahead of schedule.

What We Do

Board/PCB Repair

Individual/batch boards, single/multi-layer, we use the latest component testing technologies to fault find a vast array of circuit board/PCBs to component level, mostly without schematics.

Equipment Repair

New or obsolete equipment we can save you money on expensive replacement units and costly downtime. One off units or quantity pricing, we offer a high quality repairs at a very reasonable cost.

Industrial Control

We utilise Mitsubishi Modular PLC systems to provide Automation and Control Solutions to Industry. Basic UI to full touchscreen automation, we have developed many solutions to automate industry.

Onsite Fault Finding

With a broad understanding of machinery and processes throughout industry and the ability to work to component level on Electronic Circuits, we can assure minimum downtime for your machinery.

Bespoke Systems

We offer a design service for new equipment and machinery or redesign and automation of existing or obsolete equipment, Using Microchip PIC embedded control or Mitsubishi Modular PLC systems for Industrial solutions.

About Us

On a daily basis Clark Electronics keeps British industry moving. Let us take the stress out of your Industrial control problems. Fast reliable service built around a solid reputation to solve problems fast with 1 to 1 customer service.