Using PLC's or Embedded processors like Microchip’s PIC, Clark Electronics have the ability to design and manufacture bespoke systems to integrate with your process or equipment.

For many applications a PLC is the best solution but there are occasions where size, software security or software complexity make an embedded processor like Microchips PIC processor a better option.

Using Microchips PIC Microprocessor, we have developed many systems over the years, for example: Data Logging Systems, Pump Controllers, Industrial Control Systems, Automotive Solutions and Machine Automation.



Example 1

A large saw mill found itself with an expensive 1mm resolution log scanner and a failed control system. The system is used to grade logs by their smallest diameter as they come into the mill. The scanner was operational and displayed the correct size of the logs on its internal display but the custom controller was dysfunctional and obsolete. The processor containing the operating software was blown up causing it to be beyond repair. This left the customer looking at a bill in the region of £40,000 to replace the system. Our Engineers tapped into the data from the display and decoded this information to a usable format using Microchips PIC processor, this information was then sent via a 2 wire protocol to another bespoke controller in the operators control room. This bespoke controller was again built using the PIC and allowed the length of the log to be read in from an encoder on the conveyor and the diameter of the log to be drawn together and control which of the eight bays the log being measured was delivered to. The system then calculated at which point the centre of the log would be in line with the relevant hydraulic kicker and the log kicked off to its bay as set up by the operator.

Example 2

A Biscuit factory changed the gearing on their Oven conveyor to change the bake time, they carried out this work without realizing it meant they would lose the ratio to the product depositor which was chain driven from the conveyor drive. Following a site visit to assess the problem our Engineers programmed a PIC micro controller to give push button control over advance and retard operation of the depositor using a signal received from a proximity sensor on the conveyor, this was then used to control an air actuated ram to deposit the biscuit mixture onto the oven conveyor at exactly the point required. Problem solved for only £500.00

What We Do

Board/PCB Repair

Individual/batch boards, single/multi-layer, we use the latest component testing technologies to fault find a vast array of circuit board/PCBs to component level, mostly without schematics.

Equipment Repair

New or obsolete equipment we can save you money on expensive replacement units and costly downtime. One off units or quantity pricing, we offer a high quality repairs at a very reasonable cost.

Industrial Control

We utilise Mitsubishi Modular PLC systems to provide Automation and Control Solutions to Industry. Basic UI to full touchscreen automation, we have developed many solutions to automate industry.

Onsite Fault Finding

With a broad understanding of machinery and processes throughout industry and the ability to work to component level on Electronic Circuits, we can assure minimum downtime for your machinery.

Bespoke Systems

We offer a design service for new equipment and machinery or redesign and automation of existing or obsolete equipment, Using Microchip PIC embedded control or Mitsubishi Modular PLC systems for Industrial solutions.

About Us

On a daily basis Clark Electronics keeps British industry moving. Let us take the stress out of your Industrial control problems. Fast reliable service built around a solid reputation to solve problems fast with 1 to 1 customer service.