Repairs to a single board or a batch of boards, single layer or multi-layer, Clark Electronics use the latest component testing technologies to fault find a vast array of circuit boards / PCB's to component level, mostly without drawings or schematics.

On many occasions circuit board / PCB repair is carried out on a same day turnaround to keep local and national industry moving. If you have a faulty circuit board or a piece of equipment which has failed we will do our best to help get your process running as quickly as possible and ensure that not only downtime is kept to a minimal but also costs are minimised. Boards can be very expensive to replace especially if the initial build quantity is low volume, this is often the case with Industrial equipment. Repairs are extremely cost effective, as an example a board costing around £1,000.00 to replace may only be in the region of £100.00 to repair.

We have stock of more than 10,000 components from surface mount resistors, transistors and capacitors to LCD's, IGBT modules and thyristors to repair industrial circuit boards / PCB's from Power Supplies to Motor Drives. This includes a vast stock of obsolete components for equipment no longer supported by manufacturers. With over 30 years industrial electronic experience gained from onsite fault finding as well as circuit board design and repair, we not only understand circuit boards but also how important down time reduction is to our customers.



Example 1

A local manufacturing company in Stirling had a 180kw AC Motor Drive / VSD fail, the drive is used to extract fumes from their process, with this unit down the process was ground to a halt. Their own engineers managed to locate the board which was causing the fault and dropped it into our workshop. Our engineers were then able to pin point the fault within the hour and with parts from stock, we repaired the drive and delivered it back to the customer inside 2 hours. On this occasion our customer lost 4 hours production on their line that day, waiting for a replacement would have been much more costly and involved a long downtime in comparison.

Example 2

A large machine manufacturer in the midlands called to request an urgent repair to an HMI screen, the report was that ‘the display was blank' and they could not change any settings on their CNC machine. They sent the unit up on a next day service which we received the next morning. Our engineers were able to trace the problem to a faulty circuit board used to drive the backlight on the HMI. A repair was carried out on the board before putting the unit on a test bed for 2hrs. Our daily courier picked the unit up at 4:30pm that day and the customer was back up and running the next morning. The replacement cost for this HMI was £2,500.00 our repair cost for the next day service was £450.00 with no software transfer or expensive site visit required, we also backed up the software and provided a copy for the customer’s records should they have a problem with the unit in the future.

What We Do

Board/PCB Repair

Individual/batch boards, single/multi-layer, we use the latest component testing technologies to fault find a vast array of circuit board/PCBs to component level, mostly without schematics.

Equipment Repair

New or obsolete equipment we can save you money on expensive replacement units and costly downtime. One off units or quantity pricing, we offer a high quality repairs at a very reasonable cost.

Industrial Control

We utilise Mitsubishi Modular PLC systems to provide Automation and Control Solutions to Industry. Basic UI to full touchscreen automation, we have developed many solutions to automate industry.

Onsite Fault Finding

With a broad understanding of machinery and processes throughout industry and the ability to work to component level on Electronic Circuits, we can assure minimum downtime for your machinery.

Bespoke Systems

We offer a design service for new equipment and machinery or redesign and automation of existing or obsolete equipment, Using Microchip PIC embedded control or Mitsubishi Modular PLC systems for Industrial solutions.

About Us

On a daily basis Clark Electronics keeps British industry moving. Let us take the stress out of your Industrial control problems. Fast reliable service built around a solid reputation to solve problems fast with 1 to 1 customer service.